25 décembre 2009

Learn Physical Fitness Away from the Golf Course

If you are a runner, you would probably train before ever going into competition against another. If you are a person who swims, you would swim hundreds of thousands of laps before competing another person in the pool. But the same isn't true for most people who play golf. For golfers, practice can't always take place. They may swing a few times before a round, but is about it.
The best practice for golf improvement is rarely done out on the course, and it is not always done on the practice range either. But, that isn't to say that there are not good things made on the fairway and tees.
You can figure out your game, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and view how you perform under pressure. On the range, you can work on developing your swing and figure out how far you may be able to hit each iron. Even on the green, you can work on your touch and your capability to determine a line or read the grass.
However, the best golf practice may well take place in the local gym. This crazy game may seem like a leisurely sport sport, but it involves many aspects of physical fitness. One's aerobic ability is vital because the amount of time on your feet that takes place over a few hours. The average course is almost five miles long, and a round of golf requires a lot of time on the feet.
Strength is also a part of the sport because of the many, many times you will swing the club during even one round. Even if you are hitting 80 or below, you are still swinging your club over 200 times in a round. You need a lot of power to swing without wincing or failing in the swing.
Good golf training really can begin in the gym. Improve your aerobic capacity and bodily strength and you can witness an almost immediate improvement in your scoring.

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